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Fly Mesh Rolls

These Fly Mesh Rolls can be applied to doors, windows, ventilation areas and other enclosures. These rolls provide fast ventilation of fresh air from outside and also provide adequate clearness of sight. These rolls do not sustain cracks or scratches of pet animals and attacking insects. From birds, big insects to small insects and pests, no can not reach to the other side of these rolls. Their quality remains uncompromisable even when exposed to sunlight for a very long time. Being tear and puncture resistant, these also are completely repelling to harsh weather conditions. In addition to it, these are coated with strong paints to provide them with an extra safety.

Added features

  • The moisture content of air do not have any effect on these fly mesh rolls.
  • Being highly light weight, they can be easily installed.
  • These rolls do not require frequent cleaning, oiling or any type of maintenance.
  • Having exceptional qualities, they are used in wide of range applications.